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Rain Forest Mushrooms

At Rain Forest Mushrooms our customers are treated like they are our friends. After thirty years of growing mushrooms, many of our customers believe that our Maitake mushrooms are the best you can get on earth. The medicinal properties are the finest you can find.

In the coastal forest, the morning fog and mist in this pristine area produce some of the world’s finest Certified Organic Mushrooms.

Why Rain Forest Mushrooms?

Our goal is Quality. Not so much visual quality, but deep inside quality. We raise Maitake mushroomsShiitake mushrooms, various kinds of Oyster mushroomsButtercap mushroomsScallop MushroomsLion’s Mane mushrooms. We also have Dried Mushrooms.
For you folks who like to have fun growing cool and different things, we sell grow-at-home kits for many types of mushrooms.

Medicinal Maitake Mushrooms

MAITAKE mushrooms have been proven to  BOOST your IMMUNE SYSTEM dramatically in many cases your T-CELL count can be increased by 500%. The best natural way to fight CANCER or prevent Cancer we know of is Rain Forest Maitake  Mushrooms.
The medicinal properties of our Maitake mushrooms are the finest on earth.